Jeannie Sawyer ~ Metaphysical Healer & Psychic Medium
Las Vegas, NV

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Metaphysical Healer & Medium ~ Jeannie Sawyer

I've been blessed with the gift of being able to communicate with the souls of those who have left the physical world.  This gift allows me to assist you by connecting you with your departed loved ones.

As an Intuitive Medium it is my job to bring through spirit and communicate to you the messages that will provide you the most healing, comfort and confirmation from your loved ones, angels and guides.

Being a Metaphysical Healer  allows me to provide healing in spirit, mind & body.  The guidance provided by the Divine brings forth various avenues for healing allowing you to feel grounded, happy & healthy. 

Please review my testimonials and tools to see if what I do resonates with your soul.  I'd be honored to be of service for you.

During a session any of the following "tools" will be used:

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    Peace, Love & Angels,

    Jeannie Sawyer



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