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Las Vegas, NV

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Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Hour


Enjoy basking in the sound of pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls. 

During this relaxing healing meditation you will experience the sounds associated with each of your chakras and the clearing and balancing as your body heals on a cellular level with the use of sound vibrations.  Incorporating this monthly ritual into your spiritual practice assists in keeping you centered and balanced.  Join me for a wonderful monthly offering of aligning your spirit, mind & body.

Please bring something comfy to lay on (yoga mat); bring a pillow and light blanket/towel if you like and arrive about 10 minutes early to get yourself set up in the  room.

The exchange for these events  is accepted at the door in cash or credit when you sign in.

Third Thursday of every month
Enchanted Forrest Reiki Center
2280 South Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89146


** Open to playing at other venues.  Please let me know if there is somewhere you would like this healing hour held.

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